What is the Parking Pal?
It is a fun colorful magnet used by parents, grandparents, or any other caregivers to help teach children responsibility in parking lots and around vehicles.  It is a visual for kids to know where to stand while their parent is loading/unloading another child, digging for keys, etc.

Will the Parking Pal work on all vehicles?
The Parking Pal will work on all METAL vehicles.

Will the Parking Pal fall off of my vehicle?
No, the Parking Pal will stay on in all weather conditions.  It will however be blown off in a high power car wash.  We recommend taking the Parking Pal off your vehicle before entering a car wash.

Will the Parking Pal damage my vehicle?
The Parking Pal is a high quality American made product.  It is made specifically for vehicles.  We do recommend the area you place the Parking Pal on be clean and that you frequently rotate the placement of the Parking Pal to prevent uneven paint fading.

Are there other uses for the Parking Pal?

Definitely! One of our favorite uses is to take the Parking Pal with you into a public restroom.  Place on one of the metal doors so your toddler will not be touching yucky things while mom is tending to another child.  Works great! Another use: we have heard of people using the Parking Pal on the fridge for a time out.

I live where the temperature can get up over 100 degrees, will the Parking Pal get too hot to touch?
If they are exposed to high temp. for a prolonged period of time they will get hot. If that is the case, we recommend not leaving them on the vehicle all the time. Lots of people keep it in the side pocket of the car door or in a diaper bag/purse and place it on the vehicle when needed. You can even instruct kids to not touch the magnet, but point to certain letters, numbers, count the fish. It will still give them a safer spot to stand. We are also in the process of developing little bags to carry the Parking Pals in!