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"In December my 2 yr old ran away from me in a parking lot while I was trying to put her younger sister in the car. Luckily, I caught her before she was hurt, but since then have been trying to figure out a way to keep her still while I was getting her sister in and out of the car. Now, she LOVES her "patty holder". Since having it on my car 3 or 4 of my friends have asked me about them and I have referred them to your FB page. I am glad I found them and will keep sending people your way because it does help keep small children's attention. Thank you for such a brilliant idea!"

- Ashly

"My 2yo loves ours!! We have the one with the dinosaurs which she "pets" when she puts her hand on the magnet. On days when she doesn't want to leave the house to get in the car, all I have to do is ask if she wants to go pet the dinos and she's ready to go! Awesome product!"

- Wyn

"My almost 3 yo loves hers! I keep ours in the side panel of the door where I put her brother in his seat. It is her responsibility to get "her hand" out and put it on the car, then when her brother is in, she can put it away. I'd hate for someone to walk off with it, that's why I keep it in the car."

- Mel

"We have 5 kids. The youngest three have Parking Pals and we LOVE them!!! The baby likes his so much that he hogs big sister's, and tells her "No! My!" and makes her put her hand on the car. We just ordered two more to hopefully resolve this territorial dispute lol!"

- Catherine

"My two-and-a-half-year-old absolutely loves our Parking Pal. We have the ABCs one and she really enjoys reading her letters while leaving her hand on it. She learned so quickly that she is supposed to "put your hand on the hand!" and it gives me incredible peace of mind that it is helping to reinforce our parking lot safety lessons. Thanks PP!"

- Jessica

"Being in the public safety field, I have always been concerned with what to do with my 3 year old while I get my 1 year old out of the car. My sister found your product on babysteals.com and bought it for us. We have been using it for a couple weeks now and it is fantastic! Our 3 year old loves to give his parking pal a "high 5" and is so proud when we praise him after we are done getting Hailey out of the car. I was so pleased with your product that I gave the information to our daycare center director at Kindercare and she shared it with all the parents. Parking pal is such a simple idea that takes a load off of my mind!"

- Matt, Erie County Department of Public Safety

"My toddler absolutely loves his Parking Pal! He goes straight to his magnet and will tell me all the letters (from the AlphaPal) he sees, so I know he is staying put. If I don't hear him babbling the letters, I will ask him to find a letter to keep him occupied while I get his little sister out. He sees it as a toy and never a chore."

- Kimberly, UT

"I purchased two Parking Pals at the MOPS Leadership Convention. It has been a week since I put the magnets on my car and my 19 month old daughter already knows that is where her hand goes. I bought two; one for my daughter and one for my son, Thank you so much for a great product."

- Laura, CO

"I had 2, but lost one in a car wash and want to keep a spare. I may also order some for kids birthdays. My 3-yr.old likes putting her little hand right on top of the handprint. Great idea."

- Monica, KY

"Logan is four he doesn't always do what he is told. I thought I would give this a try and I can't believe he uses it. He actually thinks it's fun. Thanks for the help."

- Jen, MI

"I run a day care and ordered 5 of your magnets a few weeks ago. I don't take the children out often, but now when I do It's less stressful, I wanted you to know it sure has helped, they love them."

- Kelly, TX

"As a mother of two girls who never want to stand by the car when we get out I couldn't wait to try these Parking Pals. My girls think they are so neat and they use them every day. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product and helping keep my kids safe!"

- Jennifer, New Jersey