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Parking lots are dangerous and it only takes a few seconds for a tragedy to occur. Parking Pal is a fun magnet that is placed on your car to create a safe spot for kids where they place their hand on the hand shape that is on the magnet and wait for mom or dad safely.

  • Safe Spot for Kids: One less thing to worry about!  Kids keep their hand on the safe spot until it's time to go.
  • Fun Designs: Our magnets have bright colors, playful illustrations, and a small hand print so kids know where to place their hand.
  • Engage & Learn: Ask kids an engaging question like "What color is the number 5?" or "Which animal do you see?", or ask them to count the numbers or the ABC's to make it fun while waiting.
  • Secure & No Mess:  No messy stickers! Our magnets are safe to put on cars and won't fall off! Our penalty pal sticks to any surface in the home and can easily be removed.
  • Excellent Gift: This is a great gift, stocking stuffer, or gift just because - after all you cannot put a price on kids' safety!

Thank you for supporting my small, mom-owned business - made in the USA too!